Continental Mercantile Corporation (CMC), ISO 9001 Certified HR Consultants & Global Recruiters, has been in the business of Recruitment for the last 30 years with vast experience in recruiting Manpower Forces as high as more than 10,000 workers yearly to the Middle East and several other countries. For meeting the manpower requirements of our customers, we offer skilled workforce having experience in diversified fields like oil & gas drilling, civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, production, quality control, safety, office management, administration, finance, sales and marketing, payroll, logistics, hospitality & catering, healthcare and retail & hypermarkets etc. The candidates are subjected to stringent tests to evaluate their skills and competence in their respective domain and only those candidates who are successful in the tests are considered for selection. Our trained and sedulous HR professionals have immense expertise and vast industry experience to carry out the Selection Process in a spotless manner.

Taking into consideration the scintillating track record of CMC, the grandeur of our 30 years of trenchant experience and our strong infrastructure like large network of offices across the continents, team of highly qualified & experienced HR staff, and ever inflating folder of prestigious and satisfied clients, we are confident that you too will choose CMC as the No.1 choice to source your Manpower requirements, especially when the following admirable factors are also adjudged:

  • CMC, the flagship Company of the CONTINENTAL GROUP, is Aisa's leading HR Consultants and Global Recruiters
  • Operations in 17 Countries across the globe.
  • Recruting more than 10,000 workers annually for various projects worldwide.
  • We have Excellent Infrastructure in India with our Corporate Office at Cochin, 4 Regional Offices and 20 Procurement Centers.
  • We have Overseas Offices in the Middle East with Headquarters in Qatar and operations in Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain
  • Our Far East office is located in Philippines.
  • Full-fledged offices in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and 8 other Associate Offices Worldwide.
  • Our Offices are inter-linked via computer network for quick data processing and information flow.
  • We employ more than 300 most experienced and well trained staff including Executives, HRD Managers, Engineers, Doctors, Client Relations Managers and support staff.
  • We have an extensive worldwide data-base which is upgraded on a day-to-day basis to ensure immediate planning, recruitment, selection and mobilization.
  • We manage a very advanced Job Portal.
  • We continuously monitor the new projects that come up worldwide.
  • Fully computerized close tracking of requirements of the Clients to fulfill their requirement of Recruitment, Outsourcing, Selection, Mobilization etc. for immediate Project implementation.
  • For recruitments carried out in India, simultaneous mobilization from 4 International Airports to ensure the fastest possible service to clients for their urgent manpower requirements.
  • Our Team with extensive experience easily grasps the needs of the Clients which enable us to complete the requirement process as expeditiously as possible.
  • We recruit persons against various industry verticals and horizontals for multinational corporations, group of companies and governments.
  • Have our own Technical Training Institutes & Testing Centre – NITS Technical Academy for stringent evaluation of skills and ability of the workers.
  • Have our own travel division – Channel Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. for facilitating ticketing and mobilization from different part of the globe.
  • Have our own health clinic & diagnostic centre – CITY Diagnostic & Healthcare Clinic for carrying out Medical Check-up of the candidates selected.
  • Have our own advertising agency – Continental Advertising & Media Services – for speedy and effective advertising and publicity.
  • Have the remarkable reputation of having recruited all types of workers for all types of projects during the last 30 years.
  • We help you to get the right person, at the right place, at the right time, for the right job from any part of the world.
  • Continuous monitoring of new projects that come up around the globe.
  • Computerized close tracking of our clients’ Requirements - Recruitment, Selection and Mobilization for immediate Project implementation.
  • For Indian recruitments, simultaneous mobilization from 4 International Airports to provide the fastest possible service to clients for their urgent manpower requirements.

Our Services

  • HR Consultancy
  • Global Recruiters
  • Technical Training Institutes
  • Trade Testing & Skill Evaluation Centres
  • Temporary and Permanent Staffing Solutions
  • Manpower Outsourcing
  • Project Support Services


CMC is specialized in the fields of Human Resources Management, Manpower Outsourcing and Temporary & Permanent Staffing Solutions.

We constantly focus on the emerging trends around the world and manages the transformation by applying innovative methodologies. CMC provides manpower outsourcing services at the best possible price to the customers. Your total manpower needs are fully outsourced by us irrespective of the fact whether the tenure is for a short duration or a longer term.

Our services are anchored to professionalism and quality. Over the years we have admirably assisted many companies and organizations across the globe by providing them large number of workmen who are in our Payroll and Management. We arrange visa, accommodation, food & conveyance for them. We also provide uniforms & hand tools, and bring them to your sites everyday as per your work timings and take them back once their requirement is complete in your projects. We are capable of bringing any number of workers as per your requirements in Kuwait, Qatar & Abu Dhabi. We are also capable of taking Manpower Outsourcing Contracts along with equipments, tools and even vehicles. We provide all these as a consolidated package, i.e., if you need 200 trailer trucks and required drivers with maintenance arrangements for the vehicles, we provide them as a package. Similarly, if you need 50 computer operators with computers or laptops we arrange them as per your requirements, that too at a reasonable cost.

The vast computerized data bank maintained by us helps us to keep the time schedules. We are also keen to ensure that candidates who match their skills and abilities as per your requirements only are mobilized by us for you.



Continental Mercantile Corporation (CMC) offers professional expertise in evaluation of workers in their skill and efficiency, to ensure that there is no risk involved in recruiting workers.

The testing of workers for assessing their skills is done at our own Technical Institutions where full-fledged facilities are available for carrying out all types of testing to evaluate the skills of the prospective candidates.

CMC offers professional expertise through NITS in evaluation of workers in their skill and efficiency. The full-fledged Skill and Quality Assurance facilities at CMC equipped with the latest tools, instruments, equipment, etc. provide grade-wise evaluation of skills and efficiency. The CMC team comprises of highly qualified and experienced engineers and evaluators to carry stringent tests on the candidates. Further, CMC trains workers at its ultra-modern Technical Training Institute to suit the requirements of the clients. The data bank of CMC is ripe enough to be at the service of the Clients at any moment for the purpose of manpower resource recruitment.

Further, the NITS is a well-equipped centre for providing technical education, training and testing of technicians and engineers.

The services of NITS are enormously utilized by a large number of our overseas clients, when they visit India to recruit workers. The workers picked and chosen by the Clients for the interview have to undergo stiff trade tests at NITS to assess their skill and ability to shoulder the work for which they are to be recruited. Only those candidates who secure success in the trade tests are considered for final selection by the Clients. At NITS we have world-class men and machines to conduct the tests. We are accurately specialized in trades like Welding, Fabrications, Insulations, Sheet Metal, Rigging, Scaffolding, Spray Painting, Sand Blasting, Masonry, Carpentry, Electrical, Instrumentation, Safety, Cookery etc.

The data bank maintained by us is made up-to-date on a day-to-day basis to provide the best services of world-class quality to you.

NITS is also abreast to be at your service even to train workers to suit your specific requirements of Manpower Resources and Outsourcing. NITS is well-equipped to provide accommodation on request from students for far off stations.

For more details about NITS, you can log on to www.nitstech.com.