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INDIA – A Country having Unity in Diversity

India, by area, is the seventh largest country in the world. But by population, is the second largest with 1.2 billion. 29 States with their own identities in every sphere and 7 Union Territories constitute the unified India.

India is therefore rich in many areas, but the chief amongst them is wealth of trained personnel. India is the Centre Point of the largest Pool of English Speaking Skilled Manpower.

Indians, especially the South Indians have a tradition and tendency of seeking overseas employment. This scenario started after Vasco da Gama alighted at Calicut in Kerala in 1498. Such tendency of Indians highly adapts them to overseas employment. Working offshore is an inheritance to Indians. This is considered as a great asset when it comes to working in foreign countries. Engineers, Software wizards, Scientists, Doctors, HR and Supporting Staff in the Healthcare arena, Finance and Accountants, highly skilled technicians and teaching faculty etc. are abundantly available in India. It is no wonder that the rosters of Gulf companies are replenished with Indian workforce. From trench diggers to financial controllers, draftsman to auditors, nerves to brain surgeons, engine drivers to engineers – the presence of Indians are immense at all levels across the globe. It can be seen that Successful Organizations all over the world have Indians in key positions.


In India several world-class academic institutions are available. Every year, they ripen outstanding professionals with world-standard qualification. The large number of persons that pass out from these institutions with remarkable educational background tend to seek overseas employment. The result is that India offers highly talented manpower for overseas employment every year in large numbers.

CMC plays a pivotal role in mobilizing Manpower from India for Overseas employment in large complements. In India, we have a database of 300,000 CVs comprising of outstanding professionals and engineers, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers. Therefore, requirement in the manpower field in any volume can be fulfilled by us without any difficulty. With a full-fledged technical, administration, and other allied experts on our Payroll, we are able to screen the candidates in a compatible manner. Our experts have at their disposal all the means to evaluate the skills and capabilities of the candidates. Specific training and up-gradation can also be imparted as per the requirement of the clients as we have in-house teaching, training, and workshop facilities. With all facilities such as training, selection, travel and liaison available under one roof, we are uniquely placed to meet all the requirements of the Clients with a time-bound schedule without any compromise on Quality in the services rendered by us.

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Sourcing : Worldwide

THE CONTINENTAL GROUP has Associate Offices in the following countries:,

  • Jordan
  • Egypt
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Vietnam
  • Myanmar
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand

CMC is therefore capable of recruiting and mobilizing large number of workers for any type of projects from the above countries as per the requirement of the Clients. From each country different types of workers are available. It varies in their skills and abilities. So you have to choose the respective country as per the nature of work and the Projects you implement.

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