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After assessing our rich experience in the field of Manpower Recruitment, Manpower Outsourcing,Training programs in OIL & GAS, Hotel Management and Technical Solutions and the strong infrastructure and exceptionally experienced team of our HR Personnel, if you like to pick and choose Continental Mercantile Corporation (CMC), ISO 9001 Certified HR Consultants & Global Recruiters as your Manpower Recruitment Consultant and Supplier to fulfill your manpower requirements in an impeccable manner, we sincerely request you to discuss the terms and conditions of recruitment and execute the RECRUITMENT PROCESS AGREEMENT (RPA) before we proceed further to procure the manpower to meet your requirement.

In the RPA, we will be mutually finalizing the different procedures, processes, methods of recruitment, selection, mobilization and also the commercial terms.

Once this RPA is finalized, CMC will initiate action for the Recruitment.


Comprehensive data of the Minimum Salary payable in various countries to each category of workers employed there is also available with us and this can be made accessible upon request once you finalize us as your Manpower Recruiting Consultant.


We require the following Information/data to start the Recruitment Procedures:-

  • Details about the Project
  • Place of the Work
  • Category in which workers are required
  • Number of workers required in each category
  • The country(ies) from which workers are required
  • Detailed job description for each category
  • Minimum qualification and experience required for each category
  • Salary, other terms & facilities offered to the employees
  • Duration of the contract
  • Whether Air travel would be provided to join the employer
  • Whether food, accommodation and other facilities will be provided to the workers
  • The time-frame fixed for positioning the workers at the site
  • Confirmation regarding compliance of Labour Laws in the country where the workers are to be employed.
  • Any other specifications or any other terms offered to the workers
  • Durations for the visas or entry permit to be processed

Facilities Provided by CMC to the Visiting Delegates

  • Our Representative will pick up the delegates of the client from the airport.
  • A Client Coordinator will be designated to travel along with and take care of the client.
  • An air-conditioned car with driver will be provided for the client during the tenure of the official visit in India.
  • We will arrange reservation for the delegates coming for interview, in hotels as per their choice and domestic air tickets for outstation recruitment.
  • Well-furnished air-conditioned office space will be provided to the client for holding the interviews.
  • Communication facilities such as telephone, Wi-Fi etc. will be provided to the delegates free-of-charge.
  • Experienced HR Staff and Engineers as per requirement will be allocated by us, to attend exclusively to the client’s requirements and provide assistance to them for interview and testing of trade skills of the candidates.
  • We will arrange well-equipped workshop facilities, tools, materials and equipments for conducting tests, wherever required as per the requirement of the Clients. If any special equipments and materials are required, at least 7 days advance intimation has to be given to us, to arrange the required special equipments.
  • We will provide the clients with all other facilities that are necessary to conduct the interview and smooth selection of the right workers.
  • After completion of the interview we will arrange drop facility to the airport.

Cost, fees and other Information

We charge only a nominal fee as our professional charges for the service rendered and for other facilities like advertisement in local newspapers, screening of application, selection, trade testing, documentation, visa processing, insurance policy, Emigration clearance and mobilization charges. This charge will vary according to the category of workers recruited, the number of workers recruited, period of contract of the workers recruited and the place from where they are recruited. Hence these charges can be discussed and finalized after mutual discussions once we are chosen as your Manpower Recruitment Consultant for recruitment. The required information about the recruitments are to be passed on to us.

Other Significant Information

We are involved in depth in the business of Overseas Manpower Recruitment, Manpower Outsourcing and providing Temporary & Permanent Staffing Solutions & Project Support Services for our clients for the last 30 years. We supply on a continuous and regular basis, large number of highly qualified and skilled workers to world-renowned companies all over the Gulf. With our abundant infrastructure, financial capacity and well trained and experienced HR Team consisting of Engineers, Managers, Executives and staff, we execute the recruitment in a very compatible and competitive manner. Since we have offices in the Middle East, Clients are able to interact instantly with our offices for their requirements and follow ups.

Medical & Psychological Examination

Since we have aauthorized medical center with highly skilled and outstanding medical team supported by sophisticated medical equipment, we are able to ensure that the selected candidates are both physically and mentally prepared for undertaking overseas employment. Only those candidates who comply all medical formalities are declared fit for employment by our clients.

Pre-Departure Assistance And Orientation

The recruited contract workers have to be necessarily oriented about the Government policies, social customs and local labour laws in force in the country where they are going to be employed. We therefore provide necessary orientation and assistance for the job aspirants. If the client desires basic Arabic language is also taught to the workers to ensure rather quick and easy communication.


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