Founders Message

T.S. Sajeevan

Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

"From Dreams to Thoughts… Thoughts to Action… Action to Success… My Story."

"THE CONTINENTAL GROUP has a majestic 35 year legacy of laudably spiff and inseparable tie-ups with its invaluable clients by providing them quality services of global standards in all areas of our activities. We have utmost pride in our hard-earned reputation as a Reliable Solution Provider and Facilitator. Our Corporate Mission is to incessantly provide impeccable quality service to our clients with a committed heart. We fathom our success by the exuberance of our clients."

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce our group company, the Continental Group, a multi­national company, speared across 15 countries across the globe serving in the field of GLOBAL RECRUITMENTS, HR SOLUTIONS, WORLD­WIDE STAFFING SOLUTIONS, TRAINING COL­LEGES IN HOTEL MANAGEMENT, OIL & GAS, TECHNICAL & PROFESSIONAL STUDIES.

Continental has positioned and geared up to ca­ter to the growing demands of Talent Acquisitions across the world by knowing the changes in the technology to adapt to the working environment and changing trends in qualifications, technical knowledge, communication & IT skills.

We are expanding rapidly with the number of of­fices in numerous countries across the world. To attain this goal, we have streamlined our IT Net­work and upgraded the software's to take the load and security of the large database of manpower consolidated reporting systems and documenta­tions. Well organized, controlled and monitored HR & Administration systems, Accounts & Finance Management to provide outstanding services in the field of human resources developments, talent acquisitions & recruitments and mobilization for projects worldwide.

Our pool of manpower available worldwide is very extensive and unique and well updated daily in the fields of oil & gas, engineering & construction, maintenance of Refineries & plants, catering & hospitality, hypermarkets, education, IT and many other fields.

We have spent 35 years in building up a strategy and a reputation as a world leader in specialized services in recruitments by finding the best talents, professionals, engineers and managers you need to run your business & projects.

Our expertise team can shorten your hiring process and provide you the right talents to boost up your business.

Our extensive database and sourcing methodolo­gies enable us to fill hiring requisitions with agil­ity and quality, especially for junior to senior level management rules.

What's more is that we deliver services to our client with very high endeavor satisfaction score.

My team at Continental spends lot of time in focus­ing on shaping the talents and skill set of the work force needed in the oil & gas industry, engineering & constructions companies, maintenance of Refin­eries, petrochemical & Power plants, facility man­agement, hospitality, catering support services, hospitals, healthcare, hypermarkets & IT industry.

The Continental Group as a worldwide solution pro­vider in Recruitments, Human Resources, Training of professionals in oil & gas, Hotel Management, and staffing solutions, we can tailor make the strat­egies to fulfill the demands of our clients whether large or small in numbers according to the chang­ing economy, technology and market trends. Our staffing & recruitment specialists take the full bur­den out of you to train hire and fix the right profes­sionals for you in short span of time.

We are fully geared up and prepared to deliver you the right manpower on the right time for your proj­ects to any part of the world.